STP (Systematic Transfer Plan)

STP Refers To The Systematic Transfer Plan Whereby An Investor Is Able To Invest Lump Sum Amount In A Scheme And Regularly Transfer A Fixed Or Variable Amount Into Another Scheme.

In Case Of A Volatile Market, STP Helps The Investors To Periodically Transfer Funds From One Scheme (Source Scheme) To Another (Target Scheme) And Help Them Save The Effort And Time By Compressing Multiple Instructions Required For Redemption From One Scheme To Invest In The Other Into A Single Instruction.

Transfers Are Usually Made From Debt Funds To Equity Funds Or Equity To Debt Funds,If The Market Is Doing Well And Vice Versa If The Market Is Not Performing Well. The STP Can Be Classified Based On The Amount Transferred From The Source Scheme To The Target Scheme. If A Fixed Sum Is Transferred From The Source To The Target Scheme, Then It's Called Fixed STP, And If The Sum Transferred Is The Profit Part Of The Investment Of Source Scheme, Then It’s Called Capital Appreciation STP.

Volatile Market, Target Scheme, Source Scheme, Fixed STP, Flexi STP, Capital Appreciation STP.

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